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Since 2012 SiAvia offers a comprehensive aircraft management plan to professionally maintain your aircraft in flight-ready condition on a worldwide scale. Our core values Safety, Transparency and Affordable Luxury are offering unprecedented aspect on services in the world of aircraft management.


SiAvia is currently managing 7 aircrafts around the globe:

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Aircraft Management

Your global partner SiAvia offers transparent insight into Aircraft Management Services and Fees

Management Costs

Light Jets 15.000 EUR 7.000 EUR
Mid-Size and Super Mid Size Jets 25.000 EUR 13.000 EUR
Large cabin Jets 35.000 EUR 17.000 EUR

Start-up Fee

SiAvia Working Portal Adjustment Registration/Deregistration Costs
PPS Adjustment Airworthiness Cost
SCAP MODUL and Performance Calculations Software (APG) Adjustment Insurance Costs
Operation Manuals, MEL…. Crew Type Rating Costs
CAA costs Crew Line training Costs
Conversion course (with CRM and CBT trainings) for 4 pilots Other Crew Costs (Hotels, Transport,Visas, etc.…)

Monthly Fee

Aircraft Operating Certificate Registration Crew Management
Airworthiness Management Crew Training
Safety Management System Crew Salaries
CAMO Management CAMO Software Cost
Flight Operations Maintenance and Spare Parts Costs
Electronic Flight Bag AOG Support

Every aircraft managed by SiAvia is subject to a tailored Working Deposit on a two months scale and optimized to client’s operational needs, varying with the following factors:

  • Fuel
  • Navigation
  • Airport Costs
  • Ground Handling Costs
  • Crew Costs
  • Other Operational Costs

SiAvia can also arrange and manage chartering of your aircraft to significantly offset ownership costs. In addition, we can also arrange fractional or joint ownership management or part ownership.

All of this takes into consideration quality of discrete service for aircraft owners, optimum and synchronized aircraft administration, operational expense optimization, tax optimization, and other factors.

Flight Operations

SiAvia flight support operates 24/7, 365 days per year.
Our dispatchers and staff are always ready to support the crew
anywhere on site without a delay.
The Flight Operations department provides following documents and services:

  • IFR and VFR Worldwide Flight Planning
  • Arrangement of Diplomatic and Medical Flights
  • SLOT Arrangements and Coordination (Airport and CFMU)
  • Exit, Over-flight, Entry, and Landing Permits
  • Fuel Arrangement & Management
  • Arrangement of Flight Briefing (OFP, WX, NOTAM…) via E-mail,
  • ATC Flight Plan Filing
  • Flight Following
  • Handling Arrangement
  • Customs Arrangement
  • Crewbriefing and Fax
  • Ground Transfers Arrangements (Taxi/Rental Car/Limousine)
  • Flight Coordination via SMS Service
  • Tailored Catering Arrangement
  • Hotel and Airline Ticket Arrangements
  • Arrangements of Different Visas

Flight Training

SiAvia Approved Training Organization Programs:

Pilot Training:

Initial Type Rating, Recurrent, Base and Line Training for the following aircraft types:

  • Cessna C525
  • Embraer EMB-135/145

Cabin Crew Trainings:

  • Initial Attestation Training
  • Conversion and Differences Training
  • Senior Cabin Crew Training
  • Recurrent Training
  • Refresher Training
  • Instructor Training

Flight Operations Trainings:

  • Theoretical training
  • Flight Operations Officer License
  • On-job training

Pilot Provision Services

To the private aircraft owners SiAvia has resources to provide crewing, supervision and management of carefully selected pilots for any type of the aircraft.


Available 24/7, whole year.
SiAvia is devoted to personalized service,
available to you at every moment.

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